NWS Launchpad

NWS Launchpad endeavors to onboard and shortlist projects for fundraising campaigns hosted on its launchpad via a rigorous assessment process. NWS is committed to adopting an equitable approach through a tier-allocation mechanism. This mechanism ensures that token holders, stakers, and farmers can benefit concurrently from the platform's activities. Eligibility for fundraising campaigns will be determined by this tier system, rewarding those actively engaged in staking and yield farming initiatives.

The fundamental technology powering the launchpad is a sophisticated smart contract meticulously crafted to serve as a comprehensive solution for managing token staking, sales, and distribution processes. This smart contract operates in a fair and decentralized manner through a tier-based allocation mechanism, ensuring transparency and equity throughout these processes.

Under the Hood - Key Features

  • Staking: Users engage in staking NVIR within a set timeframe, influencing their tier and eligibility in the token sale based on their staking volume

  • Token Sale: The contract facilitates a token sale, pre-configured with parameters such as start and end times, pricing, and token details, while implementing a whitelist mechanism to restrict participation to qualified participants

  • Distribution: The contract manages the periodic release of purchased tokens, subject to predetermined vesting schedules

  • Fund Withdrawal: Upon completion of campaigns, the contract allows the project to collect raised funds and unsold tokens

  • Whitelisting: Management of a list of addresses permitted to participate in the token sale is handled by the contract

Application Process (for Builders)

  • Initial screening requires submission of KYC documents and comprehensive project details encompassing the business model, product, team, roadmap, tokenomics, etc.

    • Screening process for projects introduced by launchpad partners will be expedited

  • Shortlisted applicants progress to a more in-depth screening stage, involving a series of interviews with NvirWorld and other launchpad partners that include prominent L1 Blockchain(s), Venture Capital Firm(s), Gaming Distribution Platform(s) etc.

  • Upon completion of the preceding steps, approved project details are published on the platform approximately 2 - 4 weeks before the sales commence

Launchpad Participation and Allocation (NVIR Token Holders and Other Participants)


  • Staking: Participation in the staking pool on Ethereum and BNB chains provides an opportunity for whitelisting of which probability of whitelisting increases with the amount of NVIR tokens staked

  • Governance and LP tokens: Addresses holding governance tokens or designated LP tokens are randomly whitelisted for a specific launchpad project token sale

  • Selection Process: The launchpad is open to the public of which current token holders and members of the public are eligible to participate. To ensure fairness for our token holders and further participation of non-token holders, various auction types will be conducted for broader accessibility


  • Allocation Amounts: Allocation tiers are stratified according to the quantity of tokens held, with distribution occurring on a pro-rata basis

  • Allocation Floor and Ceiling: Whitelisted participants have the flexibility to specify the quantity of tokens for purchase in the launchpad project, and any remaining tokens will be made available to non-whitelisted participants. Sales process concludes upon exhaustion of allocated amounts, employing an automated queuing system based on whitelist ticket quantity

  • Additional Bonus: Participants with significant NVIR token holdings may be entitled to a bonus, receiving an additional percentage of tokens as an incentive

For more details on the CertiK audited smart contract, we recommend visiting:

NWS Launchpad Github

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