Staking Services

The revamped Nvirworld places a significant emphasis on staking participation for NWS Launchpad that seeks to fortify and enhance the NWS platform. This initiative empowers ecosystem participants, including token holders and launchpad projects, to support the performance of NvirWorld’s ecosystem through staked NVIR, earning rewards for their earnest contributions to active participation. NWS platform offers N-Hub v2, a user-friendly DeFi service accessible through personal wallet connections. N-Hub v2 serves as a testing product for the upcoming integration with the NWS launchpad that is scheduled to be launched in Q2.

Staking Pool

NvirWorld’s Staking Pool is strategically crafted not only to incentivize users through token rewards but also to serve as a robust verification mechanism across diverse utilities.

There are currently two types of staking pool offered to participants to harvest staking emissions in the form of NVIR tokens:

  • Flexible Pool for time-unrestricted token staking rewards

  • Locked Pool for limited-time staking with higher rewards, contributing to token liquidity stabilization

Within the launchpad ecosystem, the Staking Pool will function as a meticulous verification tool of which participants are required to stake a specific amount of NVIR token to acquire whitelisting spots for projects listed on NWS launchpad.

A significant aspect of NVIR Governance is also entrusted to the Staking Pool. Exclusive voting rights for pivotal agendas are reserved for participants within the Staking Pool, establishing a governance structure that aligns with the interests and commitments of its stakeholders.

Token Staking Rewards

  • Staking NVIR Tokens provides rewards, and users can also earn NVIR rewards by staking tokens from partners such as Chainlink, Shentu, ProjectSEED, and MAP Protocol

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