NvirWorld Disclaimer

Before participating in the token sale, please read the notice below.

Please note that this applies to anyone who reads this whitepaper, and that the notice may be changed or updated.

If you are unsure about your future decisions regarding the NvirWorld project, we recommend consulting experts in law, finance, and taxation. The information provided on the whitepaper and website is a reference, and does not provide advice related to the purchase of “NVIR”. In addition, all transactions, including the purchase and sale of “NVIR”, and decisions regarding them must be made under the responsibility of each party.

[Legal Notice]

  1. This whitepaper has been prepared and distributed for reference only in relation to the NvirWorld project and can be further reviewed and modified.

  2. Please note that this whitepaper reflects the latest information based on the cover version, and is not the final.

  3. After that version, the information in this whitepaper may change depending on the financial conditions of NvirWorld business operations. This whitepaper may be updated irregularly.

  4. This whitepaper is in no case to be interpreted as a token sale or purchase proposal from the issuer/distributor/company for coins or tokens issued by NvirWorld, and should not be the basis or dependent source for token purchase contracts and investment decisions.

  5. The coins or tokens issued by NvirWorld are utility tokens (coins) used for the purpose of utilizing and consuming the ecosystem (services), and therefore do not grant any specific rights or obligations in and of themselves. The issuer and operator also do not have corresponding obligations.

  6. NvirWorld does not constitute the standards for a securities business trust or collective investment plan, and this whitepaper is not provided as a business plan, business manual, or proposal. In addition, in no jurisdiction should it be interpreted as an investment proposal or recruitment, such as a securities business trust unit or a group investment plan unit.

  7. Based on this paper, coins or tokens issued by NvirWorld should not be understood, interpreted, classified, or treated as an opportunity to receive investment.

  8. The value of the coins or tokens issued by NvirWorld is unrelated to the performance and profits of the foundation-operated business.

  9. In jurisdictions where the coin/token issuance method specified in this whitepaper is regulated or prohibited, all or part of this whitepaper cannot be disseminated, such as for reproduction/distribution.

  10. The information in this whitepaper has not been approved by any competent regulators for review and supervision and will not go through any review in the future.

  11. If you wish to purchase coins or tokens (hereinafter referred to as ‘NVIR') issued by NvirWorld, you should not understand, interpret, classify, or handle them as follows. a. Currency other than cryptocurrency b. Bonds and stocks issued by institutional organizations c. Authority, options, and derivatives for bonds and stocks issued by institutional corporationsd. d. The rights under a different contract or for the purpose of guaranteeing return on investment or avoidance of losses. e. Units or derivates of securities such as collective investment plans and business trusts.

[Limited distribution and transmission]

  1. Distributing and disseminating all or part of this whitepaper may be prohibited and restricted by laws or regulatory requirements of a particular jurisdiction. If restrictions of specific jurisdiction apply, you must be familiar with the restrictions applicable to the possession of this whitepaper, seek advice, and comply, and "NvirWorld" executives/employees/agents/relatives are not responsible for them.

  2. If this whitepaper is viewed or held due to distribution or dissemination, it shall not be distributed, reproduced, or otherwise shared with others for any purpose, as long as restrictions on specific jurisdiction apply.

[Exclusion of legal responsibility]

  1. Related services provided by 'NvirWorld and its affiliates' are provided 'as they are' and 'as possible'.

  2. "NvirWorld and its affiliates" do not explicitly/implicitly guarantee or describe the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, and completeness of tokens and related services, and do not take any responsibility for decisions and actions on the premise that there are errors, delays, omissions, or investors in tokens and related services.

  3. NvirWorld and its affiliates are not liable under any jurisdiction for all kinds of profits, income, or losses arising from the purchase of NVIR.

  4. "NvirWorld and its affiliates" are not responsible for buyers who violate ICO-related laws and regulations in their country.

  5. Scope of liability exclusion: all expenses, including claims, compensation, losses, and attorney appointment expenses

[Future Predictive Statements]

  1. This whitepaper contains future predictive statements based on current estimates and assumptions. However, "NvirWorld" does not bear any obligation to update future predictive statements on the risks, uncertainties and practical consequences, changes or other factors that may affect future events through the website and any other data generated by "NvirWorld" and does not bear any responsibility.

  2. Future predictive statements contain a variety of risks and uncertainties. These statements do not guarantee future performance and therefore should not rely entirely on them.

  3. Based on the current version of this paper, each solution and platform of the NvirWorld project has been completed or is not fully operational. This paper was prepared on the premise that each solution and platform will be completed and operated in the future, but this should not be interpreted as a guarantee or commitment to the completion and full operation of each solution and platform.

[Potential Risk]

Before deciding to purchase and participate with NvirWorld's "NVIR", we recommend that you read the following carefully and fully analyze and understand the relevant factors and risks. Risk includes, but is not limited to, the following.

  1. Risk of negligence of buyers related to storage, such as restrictions on access to NvirWorld due to loss of identification information and essential private keys related to digital wallets storing "NVIR".

  2. Risk related to changes in the political, social, economic, stock or cryptocurrency market environment, changes in the regulatory environment of the country in which 'NvirWorld and affiliates' operate businesses, and changes in the ability of 'NvirWorld and affiliates' to survive or compete in these environments.

  3. Existing new regulations related to blockchain technology, which are unfavorable to NvirWorld, may apply in certain jurisdictions, which could lead to significant changes in the NvirWorld ecosystem and projects, including the abolition/loss of NVIR.

  4. ‘Changes in the future capital needs of 'NvirWorld and its affiliates', risks related to changes in capital and capital procurement potential to meet them, and lack of funds can affect the use and potential value of NvirWorld project development.

  5. The value of NvirWorld and NVIR, the ecosystem and projects of NvirWorld can be negatively affected by force majeure, natural disasters, and other factors beyond the control of NvirWorld and its affiliates (including, but not limited to, natural disasters, power supply, mining attacks, hacking).

  6. Various reasons, including unfavorable fluctuations in the value of NvirWorld and NVIR, failure of business relations, and claims of competitors' intellectual property rights during development/operation, can lead to suspension of NvirWorld ecosystem, tokens, and potential utilization.

  7. No decision-making authority is granted to other entities regarding NvirWorld's projects, ecosystems, etc. All decisions, including the suspension of NvirWorld's services, ecosystems, etc., and the additional creation, sale, and liquidation of "NVIR" used in the ecosystem, are made at the discretion of “NvirWorld".

  8. ‘NVIR 's tax and accounting methods may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The purchase of "NVIR" may negatively affect tax processing, and it is recommended to seek independent tax advice.

In addition to the risks stated above, there may be other risks that "NvirWorld and affiliates" cannot predict regarding the purchase and sale of "NVIR", and there may be risks of unexpected combinations and transformation.

If risks and uncertainties develop into a real situation, the business, financial status, operational results, and prospects of "NvirWorld and its affiliates" can be affected substantially and negatively. In this case, you may lose part or all of the token value of ‘NVIR'.

[Proper Law]

"NvirWorld" is established in Singapore in accordance with Singapore's laws, so the contents of this whitepaper are interpreted and regulated in accordance with Singapore's relevant laws.

No one has the authority to provide information/explain "NvirWorld and its affiliates" and related businesses and operations other than those contained in this whitepaper, and even if such information/explains are provided, they should not be considered authorized, represented, or represented by "NvirWorld and affiliates".

No information in this paper is considered business, law, finance, or tax advice for 'NvirWorld and its affiliates', and it is recommended to seek advice from other experts such as in law, finance, and tax for 'NvirWorld and related businesses and operations'. Legal and financial risks for the purchase of "NVIR" can be applied indefinitely.

[KYC Law Compliance Condition]

Buyers of "NVIR" must comply with the Customer Real Name Verification Procedure (KYC) regulations and all other applicable relevant regulations for identification. "NvirWorld" will do its best to provide convenience and stability to "NVIR" buyers based on mutual trust

  1. “NvirWorld" complies with related laws such as KYC and Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML).

  2. "NvirWorld" complies with the Personal Information Protection Act, the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act, and other related laws to protect the personal information of buyers, including user registration information.

Details of the KYC procedure will be updated through the website or other data.

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