🚀How to use Nural Launchpad

For users' convenience in using the platform, please refer to the guide below.

If you have any further questions, please contact help@nvirworld.com and we will respond promptly.

1. Membership Registration and KYC Verification

  • Obtain KYC to participate in Nural Launchpad.

  • Google social log-in via email is supported.

a) Please sign up with your Google email address through the ‘Sign Up’ button in the upper right corner.

b) After signing up, please verify KYC in your profile - KYC Authentication requires identification and personal passport is recommended.

c) Once KYC verification is completed, you can register your wallet.

  • KYC verification may take some time. For this reason, we recommend that you obtain authentication in advance.

2. Staking Participation

  • In an IDO, a user must stake a certain amount of tokens for a certain period of time. Note: amount of NVIR staked and schedules vary for each project.

  • Users stake NVIR tokens indicated and there is a minimum and maximum requirement to ensure fair distribution.

  • Depending on the amount staked, each participant is assigned a tier namely: gold, diamond, platinum.

  • Nural Launchpad is decentralized and constructed with sophisticated smart contract; processing time might be slow when network traffic is high.

  • Once the staking period ends for a particular fundraising project, you will no longer be eligible to participate.

a) You can participate in staking by clicking the ‘Participate’ button.

b) Enter the amount and click the ‘Stake’ button to participate.

c) If you have already staked the maximum amount allocated for each participant, you will not be eligible to stake more since there is a cap.

3. Staking lockup and Unstaking

  • When staking participation period ends, the entire pool is locked up for a certain period.

  • Token staking and unstaking are not possible during the locked-up period.

  • Users must receive their tokens back through unstaking after the lock-up period ends. You cannot participate in purchasing tokens without unstaking them.

  • Problems may arise if you unstake after a certain period of time. Please unstake as quickly as possible.

  • Click the “Unstake” button to unstake your tokens.

4. Token Purchase and Vesting

  • Users who have unstaked their NVIR tokens will have the right to purchase the sale tokens corresponding to their staking amount and tier level.

  • The token purchase method is on a first-come, first-served basis, and the token sale will automatically end when all tokens are sold.

  • Users who purchase tokens will undergo vested according to the token distribution plan announced in advance (if applicable).

  • Proceed to purchase tokens by entering the quantity you wish to purchase.

  • Once token purchase is completed, tokens will be distributed sequentially according to the vesting schedule.

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