📚How to use Nural Bridge

Connecting Your Wallet:

  1. Visit https://v2.n-hub.io/welcome and click on 'Connect Wallet' in the top-right corner.

( If you don't have a MetaMask account, download the Chrome extension on the web or the MetaMask app on mobile. Create a wallet at https://metamask.io/download/.)

Registering 'NVIR' Token on MetaMask

  1. In MetaMask, select the Ethereum network. Click on 'Import Tokens' -> 'Custom Token' -> Enter the Token Contract Address (0x9d71CE49ab8A0E6D2a1e7BFB89374C9392FD6804) to register 'NVIR'.

  1. Switch to the BNB Chain network in MetaMask. Follow the same process as above, entering the same Token Contract Address (0x9d71CE49ab8A0E6D2a1e7BFB89374C9392FD6804) to register 'NVIR'.

Initiating Token Transfer on N-hub Bridge

  1. On the N-hub Bridge, select the token network you want to transfer from in the 'From' section.

Note: Upon selection, the receiving network will be automatically chosen

  1. In the 'From' -> 'Amount' section, enter the quantity you want to transfer. The 'To Amount' will display the final token quantity to be received, excluding the ‘Bridge Fee’.

Note: Please enter the total amount you want to send, including the ‘Bridge Fee’

  1. When you initiate 'Transfer,' the final quantity being bridged will be displayed once again for preview and final confirmation.

Completing the Transfer

  1. Upon the execution of 'Confirm Transfer’, click on “Next” in the Metamask pop-up to approve the transaction. Ensure you have enough network gas fees to cover the token transfer, independent of the 'Bridge Fee'.

  2. Once the transaction is successful, your assets will be displayed in the receiving network wallet after a few minutes automatically.

Additional Resources:

For more detailed information on the transfer process, refer to the respective network's Block Explorer.

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